About Elevation Arts

About Elevation Arts, LLC is an organization in Maryland that specializes in using art to elevate and improve the mental, social and emotional well being of others.

Founder | Artist | Teen Life Coach


Elevation Arts, LLC (EA) is the vision of founder, Ivy Baker who is an artist, graphic designer, web designer, and teen life coach for young girls in Baltimore City.

Our programs are for youth ages 8 to 17 years old and our art parties for people of all ages!

Humans have expressed themselves with symbols throughout history. Masks, ritual pottery, costumes, other objects used in rituals, cave drawings, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Celtic art and symbols are all visual records of self-expression and communication through art. (encyclopedia.com)

The process of self-expression can improve our physical, mental and emotional well being. It helps to manage feelings in a positive way and gives us confidence to address and resolve past and present challenges.

Our goal, through the services we provide, is to teach individuals how to express themselves through art, help them to identify their feelings and emotions, build  confidence and other skills that will help in all aspects of life.