About Elevation Arts

Elevation Arts, LLC is an organization in Maryland whose mission is to elevate and improve the mental, social and emotional well being of others through art.

Elevation Arts, LLC (EA) is the vision of founder, Ivy Baker who is an artist, graphic designer, web designer, and teen life coach in Baltimore City. Our programs are for youth in 1st through 12th grade and our Get Lifted! Art Parties are for people of all ages and skill levels!

At EA, we believe that the process of creating art helps us to manage our feelings in a positive way and gives confidence to address and resolve challenges.

“I believe that the process of self-expression through art can greatly improve our mental, social and emotional well being. As a teenager, being a creative and using my creativity to get me through tough emotional times saved me. I just want to share that with young people.”

-Ivy Baker


Get Lifted! Benefits:


Creating art can help you acknowledge and recognize feelings that have been hiding in your subconscious.


Stress Relief

Living with anxiety, depression or emotional trauma can be very stressful both emotionally, mentally and physically. Creating art can be used to relieve stress and relax your mind and body while you focus on creating a unique piece of artwork that represents you.


The process will give you a feeling of accomplishment which is valuable in boosting confidence & self-esteem.



Participants are taught how to express themselves and their emotions through art. They also have the opportunity to interpret other works of art.

Emotional Release

Creating art provides a healthy outlet for expressing and letting go difficult emotions and fears. Complex emotions such as sadness, anger or grief can be difficult to express in words, but can be expressed through creating uplifting artwork.