Policies & Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures were created for safety reasons and so each artist can enjoy the full experience. Please discuss our policies, procedures and expectations with your artist.

Policies & Procedures

We have procedures in place to ensure the safety of staff and participants. The front entrace has a camera and intercom system. Anyone entering the building must identify themselves and their reason for being there BEFORE they can enter the building. Only authorized persons may pick up participants.

All staff is trained in CPR but we have a dedicated nurse on staff who will be in the building just in case of emergencies.

Drop off & Pick up

LOCATION: The Drop off and pick up location is around the back of the building. The driveway to the back of the building is located off of Tunbridge Road. Drive all the way to the back and look for two blue entrance doors. There will be a doorbell the is labeled Brushwork Alliance, ring that doorbell and someone will let you in.

TIME: Drop off as early as 8:30 am, we will begin promptly at 9am. Pick up is at 5:00 pm. There is a 10 minute grace period. At 5:10 pm a fee of $10 will be assessed and will continue to accrue at $1 per minute late

SIGN IN: Artists can come in and initial the sign-in sheet themselves when getting there in the morning. They do not need to be accompanied by an adult unless it is their first day of camp.

SIGN OUT: For safety reasons, ONLY authorized individuals may pick up the artists and the authorized individual must come in and sign the sign-out sheet. For the first time picking up, you MUST please bring a valid photo ID. This is only necessary the first time an individual enters the building to pick someone up.

Food Policy

Breakfast and a snack/beverages will be provided. You must send your budding artist with a packed lunch. Please do not send any products with peanuts or nuts. No trail mix, peanut butter or anything that could potentially be harmful to others with allergies. No peanut products. Each week the menu will be posted so that you will know what to expect and can send alternative breakfast or snack.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations more than three weeks before the first day of a camp session, participants will receive a full tuition refund (minus a $50 cancellation fee). Cancellations less than three weeks before the start of camp — 75% tuition refund. No refunds will be issued on or after the first day, whether or not the student attended

Behavior Policy

Bullying Policy
At Brushwork Alliance, bullying is inexcusable, and we have a firm policy against all types of bullying. Each budding artist is expected to treat others with respect, and to help each other achieve the best possible experience. If there is difficulty meeting this expectation, parents may be called upon to assist.

We work together as a team to ensure that our budding artist gains self-confidence, makes new friends, and goes home feeling accomplished at the end of their experience.

Behavior Guidelines
Please read our behavior policy with your child before hand. Fees are non-refundable if a child is sent home for disciplinary reasons. Physical violence or bullying toward another person will result in immediate dismissal from the program.

We expect everyone to behave responsibly and respectfully to the rights and dignity of others at all times when they are on the property or participating in the program.

Actions will reflect our Four Core Values:
Artists take Responsibility for their actions.
Artists Respect themselves, each other, equipment and the environment.
Honesty will be the basis for all relationships and interactions.
Artists will be Caring in their relationships with others.
Artists should talk to a any staff member if they are uncomfortable with any experiences or need assistance while on the premises.

Discipline Procedures
When a child does not follow the behavior guidelines, we will take the following action steps as behavior problems progress:

  • Staff will redirect the child to more appropriate behavior. (1st Strike)
  • If inappropriate behavior continues, the artist will be reminded of behavior guidelines, rules and expectations and will be asked to visit the cool down corner, where he/she can use the materials there to relieve frustrations or emotions that may be causing the behavior. When they are ready, they can rejoin the group. (2nd Strike)
  • If a child’s behavior STILL does not meet expectations and is affecting the experience of other artists, he/she will be dismissed for the day and a parent/guardian or other authorized person MUST come immediately to pick up the child. If a parent/guardian or other authorized person does not come to retrieve the child, admission will be revoked for the remainder of the program. (3rd Strike)

Examples of unacceptable behavior:

  • Refusing to follow behavior guidelines, rules or expectations
  • Using profanity, vulgarity or obscenity
  • Stealing or damaging property (personal or Brushwork property)
  • Refusal to participate in activities or cooperate with staff
  • Disrupting the program
  • Leaving the room without permission
  • Endangering the health and safety of children and/or staff
  • Use of illicit drugs, alcohol or tobacco or sexual conduct of any kind
  • Teasing, making fun or bullying of others
  • Fighting of any kind