Father's Day Pop-Out Card

 Father’s Day Pop-out Card

You will need:

Father’s Day Print Out (download)
Markers or Colored Pencils
Construction Paper (optional)

Print and color the card template pages that you will be using.


  • There are multiple options for the outside and inside of the card. Print out the pages that you will use for your card.
  • Color and decorate the pages to your liking. 
  • Color and cut out the Pop out image that you’ll be using.
  • Fold the inside of the card in half and cut along the dotted lines to create the tab.
  • Fold the tab along the solid line in both directions to make the tab sturdy.
  • Apply glue to the backs of the papers and press them together. (The outside of the card should show the image upside down, once it is folded in half, it will appear correctly.) 
  • Fold the paper in half horizontally so that the front of the card appears.

CUSTOMIZE: Instead of using the inside of the card print out, use a colorful piece of construction paper and paste the outside of the card to construction paper. Decorate the outside of the card to your liking using markers, stickers, stamps, photos or anything else that will personalize your card.